Tourlock 180

Full Height Turnstile Gate

Tourlock 180

The High Security Revolving Door

  • Some buildings and entries can only be accessible to authorised users; any possible unauthorised access is strictly prohibited.
  • In these instances the Tourlock high security revolving door offers the perfect solution.
  • The Tourlock is a revolving door where the rotation can only be started after an authorisation signal from an access control system such as a card reader or biometrics reader.
  • Depending on what your requirements are, the high security Tourlock can be integrated with a variety of different security systems that accurately detect any form of piggybacking or tailgating.

High Security, Simultaneous Bi-Directional Traffic

  • The Tourlock 180+ 90 is an automated four wing version of the Tourlock. It is the most advanced high security revolving door in the Boon Edam product range and allows for users to enter and leave the building at the same time. By integrating one of four security systems, the level of security offered by the Tourlock 180+90 can be adapted to your requirements:
  • StereoVision; integrated into the ceiling of the Tourlock this time of flight camera system creates extremely accurate 3D images of the person in the door to determine whether they are alone.
  • Weight system; scales integrated into the floor of the Tourlock compare the weight of the user and his luggage to a pre-set weight. If the weight inside the door exceeds the pre-set weight, the Tourlock will assume the user is not alone and will block access. Although this is less accurate than StereoVision, a weight system still offers a high level of anti-tailgating detection.
  • Contact mats detect the presence of a user in a segment of the door. The Tourlock will block when an unauthorised attempt is made to enter the building by using the segment directly behind an authorised user. 
  • A sensor system can offer a low level of security by ensuring no attempts are made to manually turn the door and thus gain access.
Tourlock 180 dipasang di perumahan, apartemen, sekolah-sekolah, mall, supermarket, area permainan/wahana, pergudangan dan kawasan industri lainnya. Konsultasi dan produk, langsung hubungi kami sekarang juga.
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